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Distributing GCC compiled programs

The current article says:
When you distribute a GCC compiled program and are using the SharedCLibrary as runtime library (i.e. using option -mlibscl), then no additional support files need to be made available with your program
From the recent discussion on comp.sys.acorn.programmer, it seems that GCC -mlibscl programs do have a dependency in that they require a recent version of SharedCLibrary (just like those compiled with UnixLib need a recent version of SharedUnixLibrary). If I've got this right, then presumably we should add a bit on RMEnsuring the appropriate version of the SCL to this page?
Adamr 13:06, 2 Mar 2007 (GMT)

It is true that at least a SharedCLibrary 5 version is needed for the GCC SCL support as only the APCS-32 binding of SCL is being used (no support for APCS-R or pre-SCL 5 versions). I still think that the statement that from programmers' POV he shouldn't distribute extra support files with his SCL programs, is a true and accurate statement. But you're right that a little bit more handholding would help on how the programmer can assure that his users have a SharedCLibrary 5 installed. Probably the following will do : a reference to the !System updates and C programs web pages and a comment that on Select 4 / RISC OS 6 a SCL 5 module is already provided by the OS (as this seems to be missing from the Castle web pages).
joty 01:38, 3 Mar 2007 (GMT)

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