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I wrote a !Choices application to help towards doing just this. It lives in the user root directory of each of my users on my server. It is run at log-on and it sets various Choices: paths to itself. It can also live locally, and by running it it will set itself to be the 'current' user choices.


Interesting. I like the flexibility of being able to easily set and unset a choices path. That could be very useful in eg: switching users.

  • Click a logout button
  • user's choices gets unset
  • New person logs in
  • New choices set
  • run new user's login script - basically a desktop file setting screen res, background, apps to run etc. (if such a thing is sensible)

Of course, this would also require a logout script to close down any programs that aren't needed by a new user, which might be tricky. Probably want to close all programs started by the user, and any in their login script.

-- ??

== I think it is important to discriminate between different meanings of multiple user.

It can mean 1) users who use the same machine at different times or 2) users using the same machine at the same time. 1) is clearly far more straightforward to implement than 2). In fact, with cooperative multitasking I do not see how it is possible for two users, each with their own preferences for their desktop, to be using the machine simultaneously. A profound rewrite of the OS would be needed, and probably CPUs with a lot more grunt.

-- Gavin Wraith 13.50pm 28/03/2007

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