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I'm highly reliant on RISC OS implementations for almost all my ongoing and planned projects, so maintain a strong interest in developments.

I am happy to contribute funding (to a modest extent) to keep RISC OS magazines in print and software writers rewarded.

I occasionally write for Archive magazine and The WROCC.

My ownership of Acorn and RISC OS machines:

1982 BBC Micro model B (sold)
1986 BBC Micro Master (given away)
1989 Archimedes 310 (given away)
1996 RiscPC 710 -> StrongArm -> Kinetic (given away)
2002 Iyonix (given away)
2012-present Raspberry Pis 1B, 2B, 3B+, 4B
2015-present ARMX6 (in daily use)
2021-present Raspberry Pi 400 (in frequent use)
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