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* [[Source_repositories_overview#RPCEmu|Subversion repository for RPCEmu]]
* [http://www.marutan.net/rpcemuspoon/ RPCEmu Home Page]
* [http://home.marutan.net/hg/rpcemu RPCEmu Mercurial source repository]
* [http://www.riscos.info/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/ RPCEmu mailing list]
* [http://www.riscos.info/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/ RPCEmu mailing list]
* [http://b-em.bbcmicro.com/arculator/ RPCEmu home page]
* [http://b-em.bbcmicro.com/arculator/ Historical (Up to version 0.7) RPCEmu home page]
{{Emulation of RISC OS}}
{{Emulation of RISC OS}}

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RPCEmu - Open Source RiscPC Emulator

RPCEmu is currently maintained and distributed via the RPCEmu Spoon Edition website. Please check there for documentation, binary downloads and developer information.


The following are largely deprecated, please be careful when mixing old documentation with newer releases

Developer help wanted

In case you are a developer and want to spend some time on RPCEmu project, this is a non-exhaustive list of ideas to get you inspired:

  • It would be a good thing to have Windows, Linux and Mac OS X ports unified.
  • Address its emulation limitations (like host drive and network access)
  • Test the dynamic recompiler
  • Emulate the Portable_ReadBMUVariable SWI to read the host's battery state and a write RISC OS program to display it (Virtual Acorn also uses this interface, so the program would work on both emulated platforms)

There are currently two strands of networking: one for Linux and another for Windows.


Emulation of RISC OS
RPCEmu, QEMU, Arcem, VirtualAcorn, RedSquirrel, Arculator
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